100% made in the USA from Natural non-treated West Coast Pine softwood lumber.  
(A renewable resource) 
Boxes are produced in Washington State by craftsmen to exact specifications.  Each piece is produced then assembled by hand with the finished box being a true work of art.  
Boxes for a variety of uses from: Produce Harvesting & Packaging, Wine/Beverage, Store Display, Gift, Consumer/Shopper and Security Porch are all boxes that we manufacture.  
Any custom box requirement that you have can be quoted upon request.




We have all read about the amount of plastic bags used each day around the world and the destruction of the oceans.

This box is designed for use by shoppers in place of plastic bags.  Whether shopping for produce to dry goods, this box is ready from the store to your car and counter top.  Each box will be a natural way of shopping while helping to save our planet one bag at a time.

Constructed with narrow vented slat bottom and sides as well as cleated bottom and
hand-cleat heads for handling.


Size: 5-1/2” high, 10-1/2” wide, 14” long (approximately)

Price: as low as $ 15.00 each


Single-bottle and 2-bottle wooden wine boxes with hinged lids.  Each box is constructed by hand, and is lightly sanded to a beautiful natural finish.  Any custom box requirement that you have can be quoted upon request.


Single Bottle Hinged Lid

Size: 4” high, 4” wide, 13-1/2” long (approximately)

Price: as low as $19.00 each


2-Bottle Hinged Lid

Size: 4” high, 8” wide, 13-1/2” long (approximately)

Price: as low as $29.00 each



(Produce to Dry Goods)


Store Display Boxes are designed to fit your display requirements from slant-shelf to flat-surface.  Single box to nested box groups are all possible in both full size and half size box design.  A beautiful consumer display in natural wood.

(Produce Display)

Constructed with vented slat bottom and sides as well as cleated bottom allowing uniform airflow around  produce.  Boxes have hand-cleat heads for ease of handling. These boxes are a natural way to display your perishable produce while increasing shelf life.  

(Dry Goods Display)

A charming natural wooden box for display of a variety of Dry Goods to the consumer.


Full Size Box 

Size: 5-1/2” high, 12” wide, 18” long (approximately)

Price: as low as $ 19.00 each


Half Size Box

Size: 5-1/2” high, 8-3/4” wide, 12-1/2” long (approximately)

Price: as low as $ 14.00 each


A wide variety of produce harvesting & packaging boxes are available: WGA/Napa Bok Choy Crates, Juice Boxes, Kiwi Boxes as well as any specific box design for the ranch/farm.


Security Porch Boxes are designed as a solution to home delivery theft.  Now your online shopping UPS/FedEx/USPS packages can be out of sight and secure until you open your porch box.


Constructed with Fir frame, Exterior plywood floor and lid back.  Knotty Pine locking tongue & grove panels and lid top.  All lumber is kiln dried and ready for stain, paint or a natural finish.  Easily fastened to home through pre-drilled holes for chain, cable or bolt attachment.



Series A Box:  30” wide, 19” deep, 19” high (approximately)

Price: as low as $239.00


Series G Box:  48” wide, 25” deep, 25” high (approximately)

Price: as low as $289.00


If you don’t see what ou are looking for, any Gift Box size or specifications can be quoted.

For box inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us using this form:

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